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Over the last three years, product teams at media organisations and publishers have seen a subtle, yet steady shift in their roles.

Product managers have traditionally focused on their audiences, on their product features, and on managing the precious content delivery experience that kept their users coming back. The latter, of course, included both the content and the overall experience.

With the growth of media platforms and an increased focus on monetisation, product management, and product thinking now extends to a publisher’s entire monetisation stack.

These stacks have become ever more complex with multiple ad servers, DMPs, innovative ad experiences, programmatic partners, and customer data platforms. To say nothing of solutions that help business teams access, book, sell, and transact with the entire demand ecosystem.

This complexity has led new-age media organisations to begin building Ad Product teams or Ad PMs who craft and manage this stack – to offer rich ad experiences to users and to empower Ad Sales, Ad Ops, and other GTM teams that handle monetisation.

The Complexity Of Monetisation Tech Results In Business Lagging Behind The Rest

For a media business, content and distribution are key, and are known complexities.

In parallel, though, monetisation has become critical, and organisations are focusing their efforts on enabling elastic revenue teams.

The result: these teams are elevated to the same level of importance as, for example, content.

The problem is that monetisation is an incredibly specialist piece of the media puzzle. It’s complex, hard to understand, and can be time-consuming to build. And engineering bandwidth is the single most valuable resource for any technology-based organisation.

These constraints mean that monetisation teams lag behind the rest of their organisations in the tools that they use.

The net result: media companies use complex, inefficient workflows, leave money on the table, and have no real-time transparency into their revenue.

To add a final twist, AdTech is an incredibly dynamic industry. Tech stacks change, businesses evolve, and companies can’t afford to build their monetisation tech once and forget all about it.

Enabling these businesses to maximise revenue requires sustained, consistent efforts, and media organisations can’t be sustainable otherwise.

Making Life Easier For Product Managers

At Voiro, we’ve spent the last seven years building monetisation technology for India’s largest media organisations.

We’ve seen our customers grow over the years, and our product has evolved with them.

Today, Voiro can help revenue, ad sales, ad ops, analytics, billing, and finance teams deliver monetisation more efficiently and effectively.

If you’re a PM, we solve one of your biggest problems – getting everyone on the same page and making sure that your business teams’ needs are addressed and addressed well.

We deliver you all the analytics you need to understand your monetisation business, both from a revenue as well as a product standpoint.

We’ve built our analytics suite to enable curiosity so that your teams can come together, find data-driven solutions to drive all things revenue and achieve true revenue transparency in real-time.

Finally, stop worrying about allocating engineering resources to this problem. Use Voiro’s monetisation infrastructure while your engineers focus on core product metrics and crafting impactful user experiences.

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