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Large-scale media organisations often grapple with a double-edged sword. As audiences and content banks grow larger, continuous technological innovation becomes mission-critical.

Product and tech teams are in a constant search to find the right ad-serving stack, create innovative offerings for audiences, and craft data-backed solutions for advertisers.

At the end of the day, every media company wants to become and remain the platform of choice for advertisers to cater to high-quality audiences at scale.

Media owners need the freedom to innovate and to experiment at lightning speed, ensuring that the backbone of their complex tech stacks enables this constant experimentation.

Media Businesses Today Are Held Back By Complexity

Seamless innovation requires automation and business agility across the entire digital workflow of sales and ad operations.

Monetisation teams need a single view of their inventory and revenue horizon. They need technology to aid discovery, simplify complex workflows and offer an environment that not only allows but encourages them to truly tap into the power of data.

They also need to bring together disparate and multiple tech stacks and revenue sources (direct, indirect, programmatic, subscriptions) to present a consistent, unified view of their business.

Agile Teams Can Overcome Complexity And Unlock Real Innovation

Truly innovative ad sales and ad operations professionals are driven by experimentation — the ability to try dozens, if not hundreds of approaches to see what works best. For example:

  • Different ad formats: CPM, Sponsorships, Branded content, and so on
  • Dynamic and intelligent pricing and rate cards across flagship events, seasons and impact properties
  • Real-time experiments to drive incremental revenue

All of this, though, demands agile workflows. Workflows that can provide answers instantly, instead of over days. Workflows that are consistent, accurate, and data-driven.

Building these media workflows helps revenue teams derive insights that enhance revenue growth, by saving time and keeping costs in check.

Voiro Enables Agility And Innovation

Voiro offers a seamless, sales to cash workflow for your sales, ad operations, and finance teams, managing the complexity of the underlying tech stack and giving these teams a simple, accurate and consistent view of their inventory and revenue. 

By freeing these teams from time-consuming complexity and building agile workflows, Voiro allows them to focus on what matters most: revenue growth. 

Visit to learn more, or click here to see a personalised demo to see how Voiro can fit into your business case. 

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