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Voiro How To Stay On Top Of Your Advertiser Relationships

As a publisher, your survival depends on your relationship with advertisers. Keeping up with what each advertiser is doing is tough and time consuming.

Voiro Makes It Easier For You!

Voiro‘s Channels is a goldmine of data driven insight – a single place where you get a comprehensive view of your relationship with an advertiser.

Channels In Voiro

Better Data Leads To Better Decisions

The value of such a goldmine increases over time as you nurture your business. The power of historic data gives you long-term and short-term views of your advertisers, so you can make informed decisions armed with evidence, such as:

  • Transaction history with each advertiser
  • Sales channels
  • Brands
  • Agencies and group agencies

You can make the best business decisions by staying on top of advertisers, campaigns, and audiences in real time.

View a campaign
Viewing A Campaign In Voiro

With Voiro, you will have a granular view of current campaigns, past business, a trail of audiences purchased, what worked, and what didn’t.

9. Channels Advertiser Detail page Performance history Goal view@2x
Advertiser Details In Voiro

The dashboard is where you view a detailed ledger of all the products and discounts in any transaction with buyers. It is a repository of points of contact, meetings, documentation, and notes.

Aggregating Data Across Advertisers Is Now Possible. With Voiro.

Slice up the data even further, aggregate it across advertisers of a particular type/category and run long-term strategic analysis.

All monetisation teams (whether direct or indirect, strategic or tactical) will find these cuts of data extremely useful and informative.

Keeping a tab on advertising activities is just a small slice of the Voiro pie. Request a demo to learn and see how Voiro can transform your business.


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