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Targeting The Right Audience With The Right Advertising Has Become A Science

Each CTV device operates with its own software, hardware and unique IDs, which creates hurdles to achieving interoperability of systems. Fragmentation in CTV and over-the-top TV affects not just physical devices, but also creates obstacles for ad supply chains.*

Ad servers deal with inventory that is uniquely targetable. Traditional broadcasters and linear TV is priced on indexed values by rating companies. The speed at which technology changes means that both devices and distribution will be driven by dynamic pricing.

* Source: How To Navigate The CTV Supply Labyrinth by Daniel Elad, Chief Strategy Officer at TheViewPoint

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The technology behind Smart & Connected TVs driven by content consumption over data highways means that ad sales will be propelled into a future where consumer behaviour and content choices are measured granularly in real-time with unique data fingerprints from connected screens and households, as opposed to the past where market research was conducted at infrequent intervals.

Why Should Audience Intelligence Matter To Traditional Broadcasters?

Trends indicate that TV inventory will be sold just like digital inventory is today. Imagine being able to target the right audience with advertising rate cards that reflect both linear and digital consumption. This would mean that the addressable advertising universe sees the right ad no matter where they are consuming content.

Someday, technology will enable reporting transparency to the extent that traditional TV data can be married to digital ads and the entire inventory will rest within an ideal addressable audience. This means that advertisers know exactly what ads are watched on what screen, by whom, based on what content genre and have access to conversion rates across screens.

Targeting will significantly improve and advertisers will get more for every ad dollar spent.

Consumers will benefit from happier ad experiences and served with more contextual ads.

Win With Voiro

Voiro automates, optimises, drives efficiency and monetisation across the entire Ad Sales workflow.

Built for digital ad sales, we address challenges at scale to drive better yield, dynamic pricing and power convergent sales.

The Linear ad sales world will benefit from the best practices of digital advertising by driving higher fill rates, seamless workflow efficiency and a single view of revenue across all screens, with the scale of TV advertising.

Voiro brings together one view of digital and linear sales. The added benefit is the ability to manage inventory across channels and screens and to create dynamic pricing by channel and audience type, in real time.

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