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The OTT Success Story of Maximising 4X Ad Revenue Without Scaling Headcount

How a leading OTT platform achieved ad revenue profitability with a compliant ads strategy


As one of the premium OTT platforms in India, this leading player grew from 50,000 monthly active users (MAUs) in its first few months of operations to 100 million MAUs in less than five years. But with the success and scaling of operations came challenges of compliance, efficiency and data accuracy.

In this case study, we showcase how this OTT platform grew its premium direct advertising revenue by 4X (without increasing its team headcount) through high levels of compliance, automation, and accurate, real-time reporting.

Business Challenges

3 Voot Biz challenges
  • Manual Ad Operations: Time-consuming and people dependent operations, which was hard to optimise
  • Difficulty in identifying Revenue Risk: Long turnaround times in reporting leading to high under-delivery and revenue losses.
  • Insufficient Campaign Intelligence: Manual reporting limited the depth and quantity of insight available to the company.
  • Long Invoicing Cycles: Lack of timely actions led to invoicing disputes and delayed payments.

How Voiro’s Ad Monetisation Suite Transformed Ad Operations To Achieve Greater Efficiency and Better Ad Yield For The OTT Player

For Ad Sales

  • Automated Campaign Planning: The business suite helped the sales team plan better with Voiro’s CRM connector, helping data flow seamlessly from the CRM to Voiro. With this solution, the team moved away from emails, shared spreadsheets and folders and migrated to a seamless workspace, which helped achieve faster and more efficient campaign planning and setup time.
  • Actionable Insights: The solution helped the sales team provide accurate audience targeting to ensure campaign delivery within constraints of frequency and reach. This was achieved by giving them access to features that leveraged ad server big data and turned them into real-time actionable insights. This helped the team achieve higher fill rates and the ads business received repeat business from its advertisers.

For Ad Ops

  • Revenue Assurance: Ad ops team could now track near real-time delivered revenue along with computed pacing of the campaign to allow them to focus on laggards.
  • High-risk Alerts Per Campaign: Enabled the teams to take timely actions on campaigns (before campaign end-dates) by auto-generating actionable high-risk alerts per campaign.
  • Automated Campaign Creation: Workflow automation allowed easy upload of large-scale campaigns (without manual intervention) directly into the ad server

For Finance

  • Audit-ready reports: Finance teams had access to billing reports that were audit-ready and financially compliant
  • Faster invoicing and billing cycles: Teams had access to a single unified source of data which cut down billing cycles due to automate reconciliation and a single workflow.

For Leadership

  • Enhanced business strategy planning: The creation of a data-savvy culture led to access to clean data for daily tracking and strategic planning without being dependent on people. This solution allowed the execution of several sales strategies at scale to drive business growth.

Customer Outcomes

1 Voot Biz impact

Business Impact

  • Increased Operational Efficiency by 90%: Reconciled Revenue in 1 day instead of 10 days.
  • Cut Invoicing Cycles by more than 95%: Cut Billing Cycle to 1 day instead of 15 days
  • Total ad revenue managed: 1,96,49,91,942 -Ꝛ 196 Cr
  • Ad servers managed : 3 – GAM, Jio Ads, Moloco


"To determine the business ROI and optimise monetization, it's crucial to conduct a comprehensive analysis of each product's performance and profitability. This involves assessing costs, sales, and market trends to identify areas for improvement and maximise returns. Voiro helped us build customer loyalty and monetize our product better by consolidating information across various buckets through seamless integration. It helped us build a delightful data journey that resulted in customer satisfaction. Over the years, Voiro has helped us be on top of our monetisation game by giving a horizontal and vertical overview of category-wise, industry-wise and sales lead-wise data for the various business products that we launch every quarter. Voiro has enabled an easy and seamless flow of data between its own front-end and back-end solutions, our tech stack and ad operations."
Director-Ad operations Of The OTT Platform

Benefits Of Using Voiro’s Compliant Business Monetisation Suite

2 Voot Voiro benefits
  • Today, the OTT platform can quickly spot frequency caps limiting fill rates, and the sales team is equipped to commit to guaranteed delivery.
  • Fill rates grew by 3X compared to the pre-2019 average.
  • Voiro’s targeting widgets translate extensive, disparate audience data into the latest monetisable and sellable audience data at scale, helping the sales team close better sales deals on the spot.
  • Today, the OTT platform clearly understands fast-moving audiences in real-time, allowing them to price better and upload better rate cards at scale.


By using Voiro’s complete ad monetisation suite, the OTT platform was able to reduce manpower costs and lengthy invoicing cycles. Today, the platform understands its audience at a granular level, easily turning audience intelligence into sellable audience data. The business has grown more than 4X without any increase in team size.