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A Large Horizontal    E-Commerce Platform With USD15+ Bn. In GMV

Our customer had built a small but growing advertising third party advertising business on their platform, catering solely to their own sellers, and solving 2 problems:

1 - For the sellers, placing advertisements in the form of banners or sponsored listings led to a demonstrable lift in sales on the platform

2 - For the platform itself, advertising could keep a premium set of sellers happy, while adding a revenue stream to their own business



Grow the third party ads business with no day-to-day operational disruption


Never be without data: Voiro aggregates and syncs data from all your ad servers in real-time.


Manage your entire ad creative lifecycle in one place—from design to publishing with Voiro’s ticketing system.

Real-Time Insights

Monitor campaign risk in real-time and leverage historical data to make the best pricing and sales strategies during sales events

Voiro's Approach

Defined process of Discovery, Planning, Implementation, Rollout, and Maintenance

Combination of consulting, services, and the final product configuration - spearheaded by a dedicated Delivery team

Discovery sessions with the Sales, Ops, Finance, IT, and Project teams to determine the As-is and To-be scenarios, and finalise workflows, customisations, integrations, and phases


Phased Implementation

Product rollout with minimal customisations and ready integrations to streamline the sales and revenue processes and information

Customer success and Engagement team deployed to help in rollout and continuous support

Deeper integrations with custom ad server and other systems


Revenue Growth

Revenue growth – ~4X over 2 years.

Reduced Campaign Setup

Consolidated workflows, bringing down campaign setup time by 95%, to under 15 minutes

Real-Time Risk Insight

Real-time accurate data on campaign delivery, performance and revenue at risk

Reduced Billing Time

Monthly reconciliation and invoicing cycle time dropped by over 80%, bringing them sizeable working capital savings

Ready To Scale

Ability to run events with 500-1000% spikes in ad volumes at ease