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Change History

Keep a tab on all activities across objects in your system with the Change History feature on Voiro.

Change History Feature helps you track:

1️⃣ Who made the change

2️⃣ When the change was made

3️⃣ What action was taken

4️⃣ What was changed

5️⃣ Previous and the current value after the change

Here Is How To Use Voiro Change History

Here Is How To Use Voiro Change History

Global Access 👆

1️⃣ Click on Change History icon on the top right corner to access the feature from anywhere on Voiro

Contextual Access

Contextual Access 👆

1️⃣ Click on the Change History icon to access object-specific change

2️⃣ Right-click on a data table listing to view the object-specific change history

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