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How Does Inventory Forecasting Help Sales Teams?

Forecasting helps your sales teams better understand available inventory, enabling them to sell better.

It’ll let sales teams:

  • Check inventory availability before making a sale
  • Decide rates based on available inventory
  • Open more targeting sets
  • Create different packages

How Does Inventory Forecasting Help Ad Ops Teams?

Forecasting helps Ad Ops teams execute campaigns more effectively by assisting them in prioritising their campaigns, giving them the power to:

  • Optimise campaigns
  • Adjust priority
  • Maximise yield

How To Use Voiro Inventory Forecasting

How To Use Voiro Inventory Forecasting

Inventory Forecasting: 👆

1️⃣ Go to Tools → Inventory simulation

2️⃣ Select your Ad server and enter your date range, quantity and targeting

3️⃣ Check available inventory and plan your sale

Write to for a demo.

Goal Level Forecasting

Goal Level Forecasting: 👆

1️⃣ Select goals from the dropdown list

2️⃣ Voiro will populate all the metadata related to those goals

3️⃣ Check available inventory and optimise your campaign

We hope you enjoy Inventory Forecasting on Voiro. It’s something we’re confident you’re going to find useful, and we welcome your feedback.

In case of any queries, you can talk to your friendly customer success manager or contact our support desk at

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