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Why Voiro’s Revenue Recon Matters to You?

Voiro’s Revenue Recon is a single source of truth that gives you comprehensive insights on booked and delivered revenue on all your campaigns.

How Does Voiro’s Revenue Recon Benefit You?
  • It simplifies and automates revenue calculation of all live/completed deals
  • Empowers your sales and ad ops teams to book and execute CPCV deals (even when DFP does not support CPCV campaigns)
  • It transforms the CPCV deals into CPM to make it compatible with Google Ad Manager (GAM). 
  • It ensures your delivered revenue is calculated on the CPCV metrics.
  • Revenue Recon also takes into account any revenue realised outside the ad server 
  • You can feed the actual outcome of the Revenue Recon directly to SAP systems for billing and invoicing.

And the best thing? The entire process is automated so your teams can focus on driving growth!

What About Long Term Deals?

Voiro’s Revenue Recon automatically calculates and overrides your booked and delivered revenue as an end-of-the-month activity and recalculates the booked revenue for the subsequent month.

It also shows you your gross and net delivered revenue for the respective month. Voiro’s Revenue Recon also helps you fetch and realise indirect or programmatic revenue.

Why You Should Use Voiro’s Revenue Reconciliation

Eliminate errors: You can immediately automate revenue calculation and eliminate manual errors.

No more daily spreadsheet updates: You can say goodbye to updating and maintaining Excel sheets daily.

Up To Date revenue: You can generate faster reports on your actual revenue.

What You Are Missing By Not Using Voiro’s Revenue Recon

❌ Automating revenue calculation and eliminating human errors.

❌ Keeping track of all revenue (even the ones booked outside the ad server!).

❌ Automating programmatic revenue calculation.

❌ Saving on time and resources.

❌ Having access to accurate, error-free, and real-time revenue outcomes.

How Revenue Recon Works on Voiro
  • Sales team creates a lead
  • Ad ops team creates the campaign and goals and pushes the campaign to the desired ad server
  • Ad ops team creates a fixed campaign for revenue realised outside the ad server
  • Revenue Recon automatically takes care of the delivery and calculates the revenue retrospectively
Quick Summary

In a dynamic environment, it is important to have access to accurate revenue outcomes at all times. Voiro’s Revenue Recon does that for your teams seamlessly, so they can focus on making critical business decisions at the right time.

Have questions about the Voiro’s Revenue Reconciliation Feature? Talk to your friendly customer success manager or contact our support desk at

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