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Talking Ad Strategies, Monetisation, and Ad Tech with PhonePe’s Shivani Srivastava

🚀 Season 6, Episode 6: In this episode, Kavita Shenoy (CEO, Voiro) hosts Shivani Srivastava (Head of PhonePe Ads) to explore the innovative ad strategies and the journey of building a robust ad monetisation business at PhonePe. They delve into the challenges, successes, and future prospects of the ad tech industry.

Breaking Barriers: Retail Media Networks, AI, and JioCinema’s New SVOD Move

🚀 Season 6, Episode 5: Welcome back to a brand new episode of the Voiro podcast with our hosts, Kavita Shenoy and Leena Ghosh. This episode delves into the disruptive strategies shaking up the social media, streaming, and retail industries, AI, and ad tech’s rapid evolution.

Navigating the Ad Tech Landscape with Jio’s Deepak Gupta

🚀 Season 6, Episode 4: Join us in an insightful episode of Voiro Podcast as Kavita Shenoy, CEO of Voiro, sits down with Deepak Gupta, a seasoned Product Manager at Jio. Dive deep into the evolving world of ad tech.

Talking Media Evolution and AI Intrigue with Soumya Gupta

🚀 Season 6, Episode 3: Join us for a captivating episode as Kavita Shenoy (CEO, Voiro) and Soumya Gupta (Thecore and TheSignal) delve into the dynamic world of media, ad monetisation, and technological innovations.

Snap, CTV, and Ad:Tech: A Digital Deep Dive

🚀 Season 6, Episode 2: Dive into the vibrant world of ad tech with our latest episode, featuring Kavita Shenoy, Abash Sinha, and Leena Ghosh. Recorded in the aftermath of the ad:tech India event, this episode offers a treasure trove of insights from the intersection of social media, entertainment, and advertising.

AR, Sorry, Spatial Computing, Netflix-WWE Tag Team, ATS 2024, and AI at Voiro

🚀 Season 6, Episode 1: Welcome to the electrifying first episode of Season 6, where the realm of digital landscapes is dissected and redefined! Join Kavita Shenoy and Anand Gopal as they kick off an exhilarating new season, exploring the uncharted territories of digital media and advertising. This season premiere is packed with insights and discussions that will leave you pondering and wanting more.

What’s For Dinner, CES 2024, India’s Own GPT, and Content Performance

[Season 5, Episode 13] In the latest and final episode of Season 5 of the Voiro Podcast, hosts Anand Gopal and Kavita Shenoy bring you a riveting discussion filled with insights and humour. As we wrap up this season, join us in exploring a diverse range of topics.

Anand and Anil’s 2024 Predictions on AdTech and MarTech

[Voiro Podcast – Season 5 Episode 12] Join Anand Gopal and Anil Karat in the latest Voiro Podcast episode as they kick off the year by dissecting adtech and martech predictions.

Christmas Nostalgia, AI’s Impact on Content And Climate Change

[Voiro Podcast – Season 5 Episode 11] Anand Gopal and Kavita Shenoy start the last episode of the year on a merry note and talk about the future of AI, content and climate change.

Looking Back, Looking Forward, and Making Sense of Netflix’s Engagement Data

[Voiro Podcast – Season 5 Episode 10] Anand Gopal and Kavita Shenoy are back in the studio/conf room with a lot of excitement to bring you a whole host of things.

Anand’s South Africa Chronicles, Cost of Streaming, AI, and the Cricket World Cup

[Season 5 Episode 9] Anand Gopal and Kavita Shenoy are back this week on the Voiro podcast following Anand’s trip to South Africa.

Voiro in South Africa: A Conversation with DStv’s Fahmeeda Cassim-Surtee and Rani Bisal

[Season 5 Episode 8] We have a special episode for you this time around as Anand Gopal packs his bags and travels to the Rainbow Nation, South Africa to talk to two fabulous and fascinating leaders in the media sales industry in—Fahmeeda Cassim Surtee (CEO, DStv Media Sales) and Rani Bisal (GM and Executive HoD, DStv Media Sales).

New X Features, Amazon’s Ad Tools, Reflecting on Netflix, Alphabet, and Spotify’s Q3

[Season 5 Episode 7] Welcome back dear listeners, your weekly favourite Voiro Podcast is back in our cosy Church Street office in Bengaluru with Kavita Shenoy and Anand Gopal.

Decoding the SAG-AFTRA Strike, The Mathematics of Residuals and ICC World Cup

[Season 5 Episode 6] 🎙️ Uncover the Latest Podcast Episode: “Decoding the SAG-AFTRA Strike, The Mathematics of Residuals and ICC World Cup”

🌟 Hosted by Anand Gopal, and Kavita Shenoy.

ATS Singapore Takeaway, Twitter, Mean Girls, and The Feds

[Season 5 Episode 5] 🎙️ Uncover the Latest Podcast Episode: “ATS Singapore Takeaway, Twitter, Mean Girls, and The Feds”

🌟 Hosted by Anand Gopal, Abash Sinha, and Kavita Shenoy.