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Anand’s South Africa Chronicles, Cost of Streaming, AI, and the Cricket World Cup

[Season 5 Episode 9] Anand Gopal and Kavita Shenoy are back this week on the Voiro podcast following Anand’s trip to South Africa.

Voiro in South Africa: A Conversation with DStv’s Fahmeeda Cassim-Surtee and Rani Bisal

[Season 5 Episode 8] We have a special episode for you this time around as Anand Gopal packs his bags and travels to the Rainbow Nation, South Africa to talk to two fabulous and fascinating leaders in the media sales industry in—Fahmeeda Cassim Surtee (CEO, DStv Media Sales) and Rani Bisal (GM and Executive HoD, DStv Media Sales).

New X Features, Amazon’s Ad Tools, Reflecting on Netflix, Alphabet, and Spotify’s Q3

[Season 5 Episode 7] Welcome back dear listeners, your weekly favourite Voiro Podcast is back in our cosy Church Street office in Bengaluru with Kavita Shenoy and Anand Gopal.

Decoding the SAG-AFTRA Strike, The Mathematics of Residuals and ICC World Cup

[Season 5 Episode 6] 🎙️ Uncover the Latest Podcast Episode: “Decoding the SAG-AFTRA Strike, The Mathematics of Residuals and ICC World Cup”

🌟 Hosted by Anand Gopal, and Kavita Shenoy.

ATS Singapore Takeaway, Twitter, Mean Girls, and The Feds

[Season 5 Episode 5] 🎙️ Uncover the Latest Podcast Episode: “ATS Singapore Takeaway, Twitter, Mean Girls, and The Feds”

🌟 Hosted by Anand Gopal, Abash Sinha, and Kavita Shenoy.

Changi Airport, ATS Singapore, and Chicken Rice

[Season 5 Episode 4] Get ready for an exciting podcast as Anand Gopal (COO, Voiro) and Abash Sinha (Ad Revenue Expert) take you on a journey to ExchangeWire’s ATS Singapore on October 3rd and 4th. They’re buzzing with excitement about this event! 🔥

Murdoch Steps Down, NYT’s Advertising Shakeup, Microsoft’s Conversational AI for Bing Ads

[Voiro Podcast – Season 5 Episode 3] In this constantly evolving world of content monetisation, it is essential for players to take control of their monetisation strategies as they scale. Kavita and Anand explore all that’s making news in the world of ads.

Sherlock Holmes, Rory Sutherland, and The Intersection of Cognitive Psychology and Advertising

[Voiro Podcast – Season 5 Episode 2] Discover the captivating world of human behaviour and advertising on the Voiro Podcast! Join us as Varadha Raghunathan from BigBasket takes us on a fascinating journey through the psychology of nudges and decision-making.

Live Sports, News, YouTube, and Netflix vs. Aaron Paul

[Voiro Podcast – Season 5 Episode 1] Kavita Shenoy and Anand Gopal are back in the hot seat to kickstart season 5.

Season 4 Wrap: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

[Voiro Podcast – S4E13] As season 4 of The Voiro Podcast comes to an end, Anand and Kavita reflect back on the riveting conversations with Krishna Rao, Shivendra Misra, Lava Kumar about tech, trust, accountability and attention.

Measuring Human Attention to Viewing Ads with Lava Kumar (Entropik)

[Season 4 Episode 12]: Anand Gopal is back in the hot seat, this time with our good friend Lava Kumar (Founder, CPO of Entropik) as a special guest. Kumar is building some interesting products that help advertisers measure human attention while consuming ads.

Voiro Completes 50 Episodes: Celebrations and Rapid Fire Questions

[Season 4 Episode 11]: As Voiro completes 50 episodes, Kavita and Anand reflect on their journey on the airwaves, how the podcast has impacted them professionally and personally and what lies in the future.

Earnings Season, Hollywood Strike and Retail Media’s Moment

[Season 4 Episode 10]: It’s a bird…it’s an X…it’s Elon Musk. In this freewheeling chat, Kavita and Anand try to figure out the mysterious ways Elon’s mind works and what the rebranding of Twitter means.

Open RTB 2.6, IAB Tech Lab’s Role and Priorities for 2023

[Season 4 Episode 9]: If you’ve ever wondered about the role technology plays in democratising the ads ecosystem, this is the podcast to listen to. In this special episode Anand Gopal and Anil Karat invite Shivendra Misra, Director APAC at IAB Tech Lab, into the hot seat and take a deep dive into the world of real-time bidding,  the role of IAB Tech Lab in shaping the future of digital advertising and more.

Insta Threads, Wasted Programmatic Dollars, Voiro’s Retail Media Webinar

[Season 4 Episode 8] The Mad Ad World of Social Media has a new entrant: Threads. Kavita and Anand break down what Insta’s Threads is all about, what is Web3’s promise for influencers and other programmatic challenges.