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D2C in 2023, What’s Challenging Marketers, Role of AI, Who’s Winning The 1P Race

Anand and Kavita get into the trenches with the queen of D2C marketing, Deepti Karthik. This episode explores various facets of marketing and tech.

CTV Performance Measurement, CTV in Ad Buyers Mix, CTV Revenue

[Season 4 Episode 2] Anand and Kavita are back in the hot seat. This time with our returning guest Vikram Chande (Samsung Ads). This episode focuses on CTV.

How OTT Works, Delivering VoD vs. Live Stream, Future of Streaming Tech, and What is OTTVerse

[Season 4 Episode 1] Kavita Shenoy and Anand Gopal are back in the pod-seat for a brand new season. They are not alone for the first episode as Krishna Rao Vijayanagar, a good friend of Voiro and a quintessential OTT boffin joins the podcast.

Season Finale: 3 AdTech Trends, 3 Newsmakers, 3 People and Podcasts to Follow

Kavita and Anand bring Season 3 of the Voiro Podcast to a close with a freewheeling session on the top highlights and trends of the season and what to look forward to in Season 4!

Open Letter to AI, IPL Kicks Off, Upfront’s Here, and What’s Up With Decentralised Social Networks

Bangalore is in bloom and Kavita Shenoy and Anand Gopal talk about the season of AI, Cricket and upfronts. In this freewheeling session, our hosts talk about:

Netflix Grows Ad-tier Subs, IPL is Coming, TikTok’s Cliffhanger, Spotify Bets on Video, and GPT-4

Kavita Shenoy and Anand Gopal welcome (back) Voiro CTO Jithin George (a.k.a Jimmy) to the pod table on this subdued summer Friday morning. The three musketeers share their thoughts on some heavy-duty stuff this week. So hit that play button and enjoy a very interesting Voiro podcast episode where we talk about:

CTV Ecosystem, Opportunities in FAST, Challenges in Monetising CTV

Vikram Chande, General Manager, Samsung India joins Anand Gopal and Kavita Shenoy on a special episode of the Voiro Podcast to jam on CTV, FAST and the fast-evolving world of television.

Amazon’s Own Sports App, Interplay Between Media and Tech and The Need for Sustainable Tech

Anand Gopal and Kavita Shenoy jam on the marriage between technology and media and where advertising is headed amidst all this:

Tech and People, Netflix Eyes Sports, New Ways To Measure TV

Anand Gopal and Kavita Shenoy switch on their mics in a brand new Voiro office at the heart of Bengaluru for the first time in 2023 and they bring news from the world of AdTech covering:

Google’s PMax, Looking Back at 2022, and Predicting AdTech Trends for 2023

Anand and Kavita end 2022 with all that’s ‘buzzin’ in the world of AdTech. From trendsetters to gamechangers, they break down important events that’s going to change how we interact with ads.