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CTV Ecosystem, Opportunities in FAST, Challenges in Monetising CTV

Vikram Chande, General Manager, Samsung India joins Anand Gopal and Kavita Shenoy on a special episode of the Voiro Podcast to jam on CTV, FAST and the fast-evolving world of television.

Amazon’s Own Sports App, Interplay Between Media and Tech and The Need for Sustainable Tech

Anand Gopal and Kavita Shenoy jam on the marriage between technology and media and where advertising is headed amidst all this:

Tech and People, Netflix Eyes Sports, New Ways To Measure TV

Anand Gopal and Kavita Shenoy switch on their mics in a brand new Voiro office at the heart of Bengaluru for the first time in 2023 and they bring news from the world of AdTech covering:

Google’s PMax, Looking Back at 2022, and Predicting AdTech Trends for 2023

Anand and Kavita end 2022 with all that’s ‘buzzin’ in the world of AdTech. From trendsetters to gamechangers, they break down important events that’s going to change how we interact with ads.

Netflix’s Rough Ads Debut, FTC puts a Spanner in Microsoft’s ABK Deal, 2023 Predictions

We end 2022 with a brand new season! Anand Gopal and Kavita Shenoy are back in the hot seat after a break to talk about the world of CTV, Netflix’s bold move and Voiro’s exclusive end-of-the-year paper about trends that are going to impact the AdTech industry in 2023

Voiro in London, World of AdTech, CTV Advertising, and Season 2 Finale

Anand Gopal is back from London for the finale of Season 2 of the Voiro Podcast. He and Kavita Shenoy break down all that’s happening in the mad world of ad tech and the key learnings from the UK’s media and ad tech space.

Is It Time To Brace For Impact?, Big Tech Layoffs, What The Future Looks Like

After the disappointing Big Tech earning reports, the news this week was all about layoffs. Anand Gopal and Kavita Shenoy talk about the mood of the market and if we need to brace for impact.

YouTube Goes Prime, Insta Gives More Power to Creators and Twitter Feels the Blues

After the Big Tech earnings calls, many companies are now announcing diversification of their revenue streams. Anand Gopal and Rohan Rangaswami are back in the hot seat to dissect and explore how and why.

Customer Identity In The World of Advertising, Impact of Apple’s ATT and Google PAIR

Anand and Rohan are back in the hot seat discussing customer identity, privacy, measurement, impact of Apple’s ATT and a lot more. Enjoy the episode

Is Omni-channel Advertising and Bundling The Future and Netflix Strikes Partnerships for Better Advertising Measurement

Kavita, Anand, and Rohan are back in the hot seat discussing omni-channel advertising, bundling, and Netflix’s partnerships to achieve better ad measurement. Enjoy the episode.

Direct Sales Makes a Comeback, Big Tech Companies Reinvent Themselves, and Will Musk Finally Buy Twitter?

Kavita, Anand, and Jimmy are back in the hot seat discussing direct sales, big tech, and Elon Musk changing his mind about buying Twitter. Enjoy the episode.

Netflix’s CPM Triggers Furore, YouTube Shorts Revenue Model, And Google Stadia Is Gone

In this episode Anand Gopal and Rohan Rangaswami unpack Netflix’s CPM rates, how YouTube wants to share revenue from Shorts, and why Google is dumping Stadia

State of Monetisation In Gaming and Thoughts On Seller Defined Audiences

In this episode Kavita Shenoy is joined by Adtech enthusiast and Chief Architect of Voiro, Anil Karat to discuss monetisation in gaming and seller defined audiences as an alternative to third party cookies.

Voiro And The IBC Chronicles From Amsterdam

In this episode Kavita Shenoy and Anand Gopal give a day-to-day account of IBC2022 and break down the key takeaways from the mega media tech conference.

Voiro On The Road At IBC Amsterdam And The Future Of Media

This episode comes from Amsterdam where Kavita and Anand will be attending the IBC Conference bringing us interesting stories about the state of media tech and monetisation, and much more.