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The Voiro podcast - episode 10

10 - Ten Weeks. Ten Episodes. And A Brand New Monetisation Newsletter is Born

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When our CEO Kavita Shenoy and COO Anand Gopal pulled their chairs, fixed the mics, hit record, and captured our first ever podcast episode on 13th May 2022, the entire marketing team shook hands with them and made two commitments.

One; is to curate and deliver news, insights, and opinions from the world of monetisation every week in a podcast and a newsletter format.

Two; to never stop recording the podcast every Friday, come what may. And here we are on the day we wrapped our tenth episode.

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Many things have happened in the past few weeks in the world of streaming, advertising, and ad-supported TV, and we have kept our promise to keep you informed on the latest news and views. 

For the 10th episode, we decided to bring to you a brand new version of the Voiro monetisation newsletter to present an even more comprehensive picture of all that’s happening in the world of content and media monetisation. 

This week, we take a look at collaborations. Whether it’s Netflix’s partnership with Microsoft, Disney’s mega AdTech deal with The Trade Desk, or Unity’s all-stock deal with ironSource, collaborations and partnerships seem to be the way to go.  

So, are partnerships the new way forward for businesses to monetise their content at scale? Only time can tell.   

Catch all this and more from the world of gaming, monetisation, content, streaming, and advertising in our weekly newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading it. If you do, please subscribe and share it with your friends and colleagues. Happy reading!


Netflix partners with Microsoft for Ad Supported Subscription Plan

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Netflix announced its partnership with Microsoft as its global advertising technology and sales partner. Through this partnership, the OTT platform plans to enhance the consumer and the advertiser’s experience while protecting the privacy of its users. 

The Voiro View

Here are the facts. Netflix has enviable technology and Microsoft has a seasoned sales team. The folks at Wall Street are happy because Netflix’s stocks went up by 5% after the announcement. Will this partnership bring back the lost subscribers and help the OTT platform thrive? We will have to wait and watch.


Disney’s Mega AdTech Handshake with The Trade Desk

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In a bid to achieve 50 percent automation of business by 2026, Disney struck an advertising deal with The Trade Desk. This will help the brands target automated ads across various Disney properties like Hulu, ESPN+, ABC, Freeform, ESPN, National Geographic and FX. This move will also enable Disney to monetise more of its pool of first-party data.

The Voiro View

Disney has inked a massive deal that will give brands the ability to target audiences across all of their linear and streaming platforms. With this deal, Disney can ensure that they can monetise their data with the right partners. What’s even better is that they don’t want to do everything on their own, which is a signal of how much can be achieved through collaboration. 


Unity and ironSource Lock in An All-stock Deal for Gaming

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In this $4.4 billion all-stock deal, the companies are “expected to generate a run rate of $1 billion in Adjusted EBITDA by the end of 2024.” The deal is all about bringing together ‘interactive development and app monetisation.’

The Voiro View

The two companies have been on an interesting journey where they’ve been struggling with the public markets. Unity’s valuation has been down about 75% over the last year, and ironSource had also been struggling on the New York Stock Exchange. This is a partnership that clearly brings together the strengths of both companies and also shows us how important monetisation is to the gaming industry,

Quick Mentions

Will Google Proactively Spin Off its Ads Business?

Google is looking to shut down all the noise around data privacy, and the regulatory pressure it’s facing by coming up with a proactive solution on its digital ad business front. But one thing is clear – there will be both winners and losers if Google splits up its ads business from the rest of its operations.

Going FAST: Where is FAST headed?

FAST has over 1,400 channels in the US, including Pluto TV, Tubi and Roku Channel. But its growth journey is nowhere near the finish line with the adoption of Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television going up, well, FAST!

Programmatic TV journey: Are we there yet? 

What is TV? Is it your phone, your laptop, or the 50-inch fixture in your living room you happen to notice once in a while? While we all ponder the answer to these questions, one thing is clear – millennials are no longer an addressable group on television. So, we’re back to the old problem of finding a unified picture of media frequency across digital and legacy. And the only thing that has changed are the components of what’s legacy and what’s digital. The real question is – what does the future of TV look like?