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The Voiro Podcast - Episode 4

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4 - Twitch vs. TikTok, CTV Advertising, & Gaming Revenue

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Twitch Vs. TikTok: The Publisher’s Dilemma

We can all agree that the broad evolution of the internet is aiming to put more power in the hands of creators. TikTok certainly has changed how we consume content and, subsequently, the short form video world has made advertisers rethink their approach to the marketing funnel. Twitch, traditionally known for their live streaming prowess in the gaming category, is also becoming a platform that publishers are grappling with. This article from Videoweek takes a look at the benefits and the challenges of using Twitch as a publisher’s tool.

Reimagining Upfronts & Newfronts

The upfronts turn 60 this year, and the last few years have seen several changes in the move to a more cohesive ad buying environment across traditional and digital channels. There are more digital players in the TV upfronts landscape, more tech players in the official newfronts, and Youtube made a splash at this year’s upfronts, showcasing some of their largest creators whose revenues rival some of the biggest networks we know, putting the spotlight on celebrity and creator appeal with one, single swoop. (Source: AdExchanger Talks podcast)

Game Your Way to The Bank

Advertisers today are preoccupied with gamers and that’s a fact. With live game streaming added to the equation, it won’t be surprising to see multi-millionaires and billionaires emerging from the domestic e-sports industry. This article from the Mint gives us a sneak peek into what’s in store for the world of gamers and gaming influencers

A Paradigm Shift in CTV Advertising: What the Future Holds

In a bid to ace the real-time bidding game, the AdTech industry is missing a non-US perspective in the $85 Billion market that is CTV advertising. This edition of the FirstPartyCapital Newsletter talks about the potential, challenges, and future of the CTV market. 

Vodafone Joins the World of Programmania

Telecom companies across the world always have been and will continue to be in a unique position because of how close they are to the consumer and how well they know the consumer. It’s a delicate but deep relationship. The secret to success, of course, lies in execution. As privacy starts to become even more important, telecom companies are going to be in a much stronger position and what they do with that position will effectively create several services that can be of great value to us. This article talks about Vi’s plan for the programmatic future.