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Self-service, Without Any Complexity

Build your advertiser self-service portal powered by Voiro APIs. All the flexibility you need, with none of the trouble.

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What’s In It For Publishers?

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Get deals through the line without any sales intervention

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Risk free as compared to open auctions

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Allows for dynamic pricing. Adjust based on demand and real time events

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Free your ad ops team by allowing your advertisers to control campaigns and view campaign reports whenever they choose

What’s In It for Advertisers?

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Get quick access to publisher’s inventory and setup an ad campaign within minutes

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Get finer control of campaigns without anyone’s intervention or approval

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Get a real time view of campaign performance and access to reports

Why You Cannot Fail With Your Self-serve Portal

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Brands are already using mature platforms and expect similar inventory buying experience on your self-serve portal

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Perfection Or Nothing

While your content and audience are your biggest strengths, your self-serve portal must be easy or simple to access. And remove friction for brands to buy your inventory

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Brands seek transparency and your advertisers want all the capabilities that just work all the time

You Can Build A Self-serve Portal. But Should You?

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Should You Build

It costs $400k to $700k a year to build and maintain a fail-proof self-serve portal. Imagine using this talent to improve your core business.

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Should You Buy

Expecting a third-party to handle revenue data and to deliver a seamless experience requires a significant leap of faith.

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Secret Option C

Build and launch a self-serve portal with all capabilities on top of Voiro’s APIs in little time, and at a fraction of the cost and effort.

Self-serve Capabilities Your Advertisers Demand

Campaign Management

  • Specify workflow and control approvals

  • Maintain checks and balances and control targeting

  • Offer approval APIs that allow internal teams to control campaign flow

1 Campaigns
2 Integrations


  • Offer ad-server integrations that can launch campaigns without an ad-ops team


  • Set up a bespoke creative workflow with approval stages. This enables you to customise and control the entire creative process

3 Creatives
4 Approvals


  • Offer advertiser or agency approval and blacklisting capabilities

Budget & Revenue

  • Offer comprehensive budget control capabilities that give advertisers tight control

  • Save time and effort by automating revenue reconciliation

5 Revenue
6 Payment pricing

Payment & Pricing

  • Support multiple types of payments

  • Get control over pricing constructs and bundles via Voiro’s pricing APIs

  • Offer billing integrations and support for invoices and estimated billing information


  • Allow agencies to represent multiple brands or to empower brands to act independently

8 Structures
7 Reporting


  • Offer your advertisers with reporting and dashboarding capabilities to keep a tab on campaign and spend information

Management Systems & Support

  • Offer document management systems and audit trails that are backed up by an extensive FAQ and Chat support

9 Management support