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Voiro’s insights is helping us make the most revenue from our ad inventory.
Ahona S (Manager, Digital Sales Strategy at a leading OTT platform)

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Voiro’s CRM is just one module of our full product. It is purpose-built for media companies, with pre-designed workflows that ensure maximum efficiency for sales teams. Voiro also enables a seamless sales / ops handover, making sure that your teams don’t waste time duplicating work.

No. If you prefer to use another CRM already, Voiro can integrate with it and pull in sales data on a regular basis. We integrate with Salesforce, and are happy to discuss other CRM integrations.

Voiro’s CRM is purpose-built for ad sales teams. We offer all the standard CRM features: pipeline management, sales activity tracking, pricing, approvals and reporting. Our workflows are designed to be used by media sales teams, saving you the trouble of expensively configuring a more general CRM.

Voiro is purpose-built for ad sales teams across media businesses: OTT, broadcasting, publishing, e-commerce, telecom, gaming and others.