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Effortless campaign execution + intelligence to drive monetisation = Voiro

Move your focus from execution to monetisation with Voiro

Hero Voiro vs GAM

Map and Attribute Revenue

Attribute revenue to the sales person without creating multiple GAM accounts. Track your target vs. booked vs. delivered revenue on Voiro in real time
5 Revenue drilldown Voiro vs GAM
1 Monetisation Voiro vs GAM

Focus on Monetisation

While you can create campaigns on GAM, you can push campaigns effortlessly and get a consolidated view of revenue in a single window on Voiro

Launch Campaigns Effortlessly

While GAM demands technical and analytical skills to manage AdOps, Voiro allows faster campaigns and goals set up in less than three clicks across multiple ad servers
2 Launch campaigns Voiro vs GAM
3 Bill faster Voiro vs GAM

Bill Faster

While GAM cannot accommodate billing for your direct campaigns, you can configure billing types, even for CPCV campaigns on Voiro and close books within two hours on the 1st day of each month.

Access Customised Fill Rates

While GAM allows you to access standard fill rates, you can access customised fill rates on a dashboard, generate reports anytime on Voiro
4 Fill rates Voiro vs GAM
6 Inventory Supply Voiro vs GAM

Access Real Time Inventory Intelligence

While GAM requires you to create line items to access inventory data, you can access data by demography, geo, custom cohorts, etc. all without creating line items on Voiro.


Voiro is a monetisation suite that sits on the top of your ad server and helps you consolidate revenue and monetise revenue.
Voiro and GAM (Google Ad Manager) are both advertising technology platforms that serve different purposes within the digital advertising ecosystem. While GAM primarily focuses on ad serving and monetisation, Voiro complements GAM by providing advanced revenue optimisation and analytics capabilities like: unified reporting, revenue optimisation, inventory forecasting, supply and demand and yield management.
Layering Voiro over GAM enhances your [publisher] ability to maximise revenue, optimise ad operations, and make data-driven decisions for improved advertising performance. Essentially Voiro helps you make more money by running a sharper, focused, data-driven monetisation workflows.