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Programmatic Advertising’s Carbon Footprint Is A pretty Big Deal

We are glad to see more conversations around advertising’s (and the internet at large) sustainability practices and what the future holds for it from a policy standpoint. The Adexchanger podcast hosted Amy Williams from Good-Loop last week, and this was also covered in the FirstPartyCapital newsletter.

Another Argument In Favour Of OTT Aggregation

This is a fantastic report. While it is, of course, a visual treat and such a pleasure to read, the report addresses a very crucial point on why aggregation (in some form) is becoming more and more important. There have been giant reasons for it in the recent past such as subscription fatigue and cross-platform advertising appeal, there is no bigger driver than the common need to understand complex consumers better.GpPHyR30X8nVPbkMJEmhZrHNeoW5jzxGqtmvlqXSASqYDqfFWO0gbbo86P6sKYhdjkYkChFGjnofj4ltrf9KZwf2Alt6IVwQXtkwuqeqMtWFjVN5 yTe7FzMG z4bvKQXftBi0nwApsXTOiolA

Peter Kafka’s Take On The State Of Streaming

Peter Kafka’s Recode Media podcast episode on ‘The State of Streaming’ and how “monetization of love leads to people signing up for certain streaming services.” There is a clear need for streaming services to stay relevant and cite the example of Amazon Prime’s business model and its modern-day take on syndication.

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 Kara Swisher Asks “Are We In A Media Reckoning?”

In the latest episode of Sway by Kara Swisher, Kara discusses the series of events from AT&T spinning off various media investments to CNN+ closing their shutters to Netflix saying  they will be ad-supported in some form within the year. There is a need for streaming businesses to adapt to the shifting winds of the internet while also finding routes to sustainable, strong business models that will see Wall Street’s nod.

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