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SupplySense—Manage End-to-end Digital Ad Supply in One Place

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Spot Ad Supply in Real-time

Intuitive dashboard visualises your ad inventory, so you can quickly spot best digital ad space to drive your goals
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Automate Monetisation Workflows

Control demand and supply of your ad inventory in real-time through automated reallocation mechanisms and ticketing workflows

Maximise Ad Supply Utilisation

Avoid overselling and underselling ad supply on top selling properties, eliminate ad space wastage and drive better promotions
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Stop Wasting Time

Identify ad slot availability that suit your goals instantly and waste no time in going live and driving better promotions

Works with your CRM

SupplySense integrates and pulls data from your CRM giving you all the ad supply insights in one window
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No matter what your prerogative is between driving more ad revenue (in the case of digital publishers) or driving merchandise sales (in the case of e-commerce or on-demand apps), SupplySense gives you insights to allocate the best promotion space between merchandise, first-party ads, or third-party ads. SupplySense is built to achieve any type of business goal.
Yes, SupplySense can be integrated into any CRM. Through a simple integration SupplySense pulls and pushes data to your upstream and downstream systems without needing your intervention.
No. Visualising your ad inventory is just one part of what SupplySense offers. Besides, you can allocate, reallocate, and even write rules to automate reallocate promotions to high-performing properties when custom thresholds are met. SupplySense is an ad inventory insight tool that eliminates under-selling, over-selling by giving you insights on the state of your ad inventory availability in real time.
Managing your ad inventory on spreadsheets makes it impossible to drive a bigger revenue impact as you are always a few hours behind in knowing slot availability. And manual reporting of data is always prone to errors and miscalculations. You need to know what ad slots are available right now, not in a few hours or days. SupplySense is built to show you what your best ad slots are so that you can sell premium slots to drive more user engagement or merchandise sales.
SupplySense is ideal for any digital publishers who sell products or content (news, video, audio, etc.) across 100s of web/app pages, and leverage advertising as another source of revenue or to drive merchandise sales (e-commerce). SupplySense makes it easy to spot slots to place promotions or ads in real time and aids publishers with data and insights to optimise ad inventory to maximise user engagement or merchandise sales.
SupplySense ensures that you instantly spot ad inventory available. By identifying available ad slots in real time, you have more time to create innovative, engaging promotions, review them and take them live. So you save time scrambling for slots, and dedicate saved time towards impactful activities that drive better engagement.
Yes. Our Rate Card System syncs all available ad inventory so that you know what to sell, how much to sell, and at what price.