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The Voiro Podcast - Episode 5

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5 - Sandberg Moves On, IPL Bidding Wars, New TikTok Trend

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Sheryl Sandberg Signs Out of Facebook

It’s the end of an era, as Sheryl Sandberg steps down from the post of COO, Meta. In her 14 years with Facebook, she has seen several ups and downs, from championing the ‘Lean In’ movement to being at the centre of public scandals concerning data privacy and content moderation. But, she has weathered the storm. So, what does the future look like for this soon-to-be-former Facebook executive? Read the interview with Bloomberg here

Block the Blocklist

How controversial is too controversial? At the recently held AdMonsters’ Ops 2022 conference in New York City, publishers expressed their frustration at the blanket ban on some keywords from ad campaigns. Is it time we block the blocklist and have greater respect and understanding of contextual advertising? Read the different views in this article here.

Let the Bidding Wars Begin

As we get ready to witness history in the world of live sports this weekend, the mega billion dollar event is already making news. For the first time, the IPL will carry out the bidding via an e-auction. Get all the details about the e-auction here, and get set for an edge-of-the-seat experience as the giants battle it out for IPL rights.

Data and AI in Sports 

In this very interesting two-part episode by Suresh Shankar, featuring Unmish Parthasarthi, we find out about the use of data and AI in sports and the importance of creating experiences that focus on fan inclusion. Catch this and more interesting insights from the podcast here.

The New TikTok Trend: Not Valid Till You Are Viral

American singer Halsey posted a video on the popular platform lamenting that her record label will not let her drop her new song So Good until she was viral on TikTok. As creativity and commerce battle it out, this article takes you through the ‘labels’ myopic obsession with TikTok attention’ and asks if there are any winners.

Original Content: The OTT gamble 

This Stratechery interview with Michael Nathanson discusses why Netflix has been a blessing and a curse to the entire streaming industry. Michael believes that you need multiple vehicles to 

carry forward success, rather than simply relying on original content. He says, “I hate to say this, but original content is at the end of the day, a roll of the dice. It may not always succeed.” Do the OTT players need to re-think their monetisation strategies? Listen in here.