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The Voiro Podcast - Episode 3

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Tiktok On Our Minds

Tiktok’s statistics never cease to amaze – whether it is the sheer amount of attention they have created/garnered, their ad revenue market share (on their own, as well as with Douyin), or the fact that their business metrics are not orthogonal to their culture significance and popularity. Scott Galloway’s blog post as well as the latest eMarketer podcast this week have interesting details about this and more.

Swapping Traditional Dollars For New Age Cents

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Netflix’s eventful 2022 has opened the eyes of several companies that have relied on the traditional, high margin cable business for decades. Specifically, the ones who were deploying capital with the assumption that streaming was the way of the future. Now that that is not a certainty, most media companies are reevaluating their plans in the hunt for sustainable business models. Peter Kakfa interviewed Tony Fadell and Rich Greenfield on the latest episode of the Recode Media podcast.

WBD’s Bet On A Comprehensive Offering

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The AT&T-Turner-WarnerBros-Discovery deal finally closed, and David Zaslav, the CEO of WBD delivered his April earnings call. WBD is making a few tough moves to make sure the new entity makes it safely through a troubled economy, but what’s interesting is the sheer scale of WBD’s offerings across traditional and streaming channels as well as their three tiered model – premium, ad-light and fully ad-driven.

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