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How to effectively Monetise via Retail Media

Skai’s The State of Retail Media 2023 makes two things very clear – that retail media is a high-impact channel with high conversion rates and will continue to be a priority as a key revenue stream for digital retail businesses.

In this exclusive Voiro webinar on How to effectively Monetise via retail media – Challenges and Opportunities, the panelists deconstruct the key strategies used and challenges faced by retail media businesses to effectively monetise retail businesses.

Moderated by our CEO, Kavita Shenoy, the panelists included Kishore Kumar (Brand Intelligence, BigBasket), Anurodh Tak (Director Ads Monetisation, Swiggy) and Anand Gopal (Co-Founder and COO, Voiro)

Following are some of the key points that were discussed at the webinar

  • How to leverage data analytics for robust inventory management
  • How to be profitable while scaling up
  • How to drive discovery for brands without impacting the customer journey
  • How to drive key partnerships and look beyond ROAS
  • Build vs Buy: What’s the better strategy
  • Future of retail media and technology’s role in It