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    Voiro Notifications

    Have you noticed that bell icon πŸ”” on the top right of your Voiro screen?

    Welcome to Voiro notifications! Built to keep you updated on everything that matters most to you.

    Notifications for Ad Sales

    From head of sales to sales personnel, configure notifications to receive alerts when:

    A lead is submitted
    A lead is approved
    A lead status is changed, and more

    Notifications for Ad Ops

    Ad ops users can configure notifications to know:

    • What campaigns are starting tomorrow
    • What campaigns are ending today
    • What campaigns are ending on the weekend
    • Under delivering campaigns, and more

    How Notifications Work

    βœ… Look for the notification icon πŸ”” on the top-right on any Voiro screen

    βœ… Here, all notifications are segmented β€”all, leads, goals, line items, campaigns etc.

    βœ… Use the search bar to find a specific notification

    Control & βš™οΈ Customise Your Notifications πŸ””

    βœ… Pause notifications, for example when you are about to attend a meeting

    βœ… Schedule notifications for specific days. For example, turn them off on weekends or holidays

    βœ… Notifications work on the Voiro app as well

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    Have questions about the Notifications Feature or the Voiro App? Talk to your friendly customer success manager or contact our support desk atΒ support@wordpress-958676-3344704.cloudwaysapps.com

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