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Direct Sales Makes a Comeback, Big Tech Companies Reinvent Themselves, and Will Musk Finally Buy Twitter?

Kavita, Anand, and Jimmy are back in the hot seat discussing direct sales, big tech, and Elon Musk changing his mind about buying Twitter. Enjoy the episode.

Netflix’s CPM Triggers Furore, YouTube Shorts Revenue Model, And Google Stadia Is Gone

In this episode Anand Gopal and Rohan Rangaswami unpack Netflix’s CPM rates, how YouTube wants to share revenue from Shorts, and why Google is dumping Stadia

State of Monetisation In Gaming and Thoughts On Seller Defined Audiences

In this episode Kavita Shenoy is joined by Adtech enthusiast and Chief Architect of Voiro, Anil Karat to discuss monetisation in gaming and seller defined audiences as an alternative to third party cookies.

Voiro And The IBC Chronicles From Amsterdam

In this episode Kavita Shenoy and Anand Gopal give a day-to-day account of IBC2022 and break down the key takeaways from the mega media tech conference.

Voiro On The Road At IBC Amsterdam And The Future Of Media

This episode comes from Amsterdam where Kavita and Anand will be attending the IBC Conference bringing us interesting stories about the state of media tech and monetisation, and much more.

Self-serve Ad Portals, FOFO in Ad Spend, mDAU And Elon Hates Twitter Bots

In this episode we cover stories about self-serve ad portals, ad spend ROAS (return on ad spend), Twitter’s users, bots, and Elon Musk.

YouTube is king, retail media ad spend, and streaming vs cable

In this episode we cover stories about YouTube, retail media advertising spend, and streaming vs. cable in the U.S.

14 – New Season, New Guests, And Life In The FAST Lane

We are back and Season 2 of the Voiro podcast started with a very special guest, Jithin George.

13 – Apple’s DSP Launch, Power Of Legitimacy, Pay-for-Play Era Of Podcasting

In this week’s podcast, Kavita Shenoy and Anand Gopal talk about Apple Launches DSP, Google’s Ad Tech Stack and App Tracking Transparency, and more.

12 – Google’s Cookie-less World, Ad Spend In Gloomy Times, Meta’s Next Phase

This week’s conversation is around ad spend taking a massive slump, rising popularity of CTV advertising, Google’s delayed plans on a cookie-less world, and more.

11 – FanCode’s Indian Obsession, The Drew League, and DOOH’s Day Out

This week’s conversation is around Netflix’s streaming business model and market dynamics, SNAP Inc is it’s own worst critic, Uber wants to tap DOOH, how to truly value a sports league, and more.

10 – Ten Weeks. Ten Episodes. And A Brand New Monetisation Newsletter Is Born

This week’s conversation is around Netflix’s partnership with Microsoft, Disney’s ad-tech deal with The Trade Desk, Unity’s all-stock deal with ironSource, and more.

9 – New Age Of Game Advertising, Advertising Context, Global Squeeze

This week’s conversation is around why context is king in advertising, the looming economic crisis, and the new age of game advertising.

8 – CTV And Television Sales, The Cannes Lion Awards, Disney Picks Up F1 Rights

This week’s conversation is around the debate on CTV as a medium, the Cannes Lion Awards, Google and Netflix talks, Is Netflix part of a bigger streaming problem, what streaming has done to Wall Street, and more.

7 – India’s Creator Economy, TikTok Void, Short Video Apps

This week’s conversation is around VC interest in the creator economy, TikTok’s void in India, Netflix losing subscribers, and more.