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Media Sales is a tough job at the best of times. As in every industry, even the OTT space faces immense pressure to deliver revenue and meet targets. The additional stress of communication within large teams and their advertisers, brands, and agencies requires automation and revenue intelligence. With dozens of salespeople out in the ad sales world trying to sell the same inventory, it can often get confusing and tricky. 

Inventory is always limited and frequency caps limit monetisation even more. Brands care about successful campaign delivery,  the commitments made to them, and the engagement driven within their target audience.

The machinery of successfully delivering ads is a mad scramble at an operational level. Under-delivery and revenue loss caused by unhappy ad experiences leads to unhappy customers and that’s something no one wants. We’ve seen these challenges working with global publishers and OTT platforms over the last few years and that’s what got us thinking about the value we bring to publishers.

Imagine If You Could Preempt All These Problems! 

If sales teams could look up potential target groups and check inventory availability before sales were made, the potential complications arising at the time of ad delivery would wither away.

All stakeholders, including sales teams, would have better visibility and could make optimal offers to brands and advertisers, as well as rest, assured that promises made will be delivered. And the life of the operations team would be that much simpler – with each ad campaign running at an optimal level and the ability to course-correct, in real-time.

So That’s What Voiro Did

We designed a forecasting feature to make life easier for our friends in the ad sales and ad ops teams. Voiro forecasting is really just a smart functionality that reads a lot of historical data to drive how revenue can be forecasted.

You, as a publisher, OTT, or Ecommerce player can access this valuable data.  

Who watched what, when and where, and for how long, is what’s really needed to project who will be watching what, when, where and for how long. Of course, it isn’t that straightforward, but you get the idea.

We call this Audience Intelligence

This functionality provides teams with enough information to sell, and sell accurately, by taking into account the frequency profiles, as well as all the other campaigns booked to give as true a picture of reality as possible. Because digital advertising changes in the blink of an eye.

You can input age, gender, frequency caps, and even the date range planned to be sold, with results marked in colour to indicate availability.  Available and unavailable inventory by target groups are clearly displayed by Voiro.

It is almost magical what data, if used, understood, and analyzed well, can do. Audience Intelligence is all about making sense of the enormous treasure trove of data that publishers possess, applying intelligence to it, and then serving it up on a platter in a way that is impossible to resist. 

Explore our forecasting capabilities and experience the magic of data intelligence. This is at the heart of what we do at Voiro.

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