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Monetisation Infrastructure For Media Businesses

Digital media businesses have multiple sources of ad revenue — both direct and indirect. Keeping a tab on how much each source brings money in real-time is a challenge.

Typically, requests to generate revenue drill-down reports go to ops team members who spend hours collecting data on spreadsheets and generating revenue highlights reports. What if you need such reports daily to make crucial, strategic decisions?

Voiro’s Sticky Header and Dashboard solve this significant problem.

What Is Voiro’s Sticky Header And How Does It Help Media Organisations?

The Sticky Header is tailored for executives and strategy team members in media organisations. It offers the following metrics that highlight the current state of business:

  • New campaigns pushed
  • Delivered revenue
  • Booked revenue
  • Total revenue
  • Ad fill rate

Voiro’s Sticky Header can be found at the very top of your screen, right in the centre.

With the Sticky Header, you no longer have to depend on ops personnel to understand where the revenue is right now and what the fill rates are.

Four Reasons Why Media Organisations Love Voiro’s Sticky Header

  • Automates revenue data capture
  • Eliminates dependence on spreadsheets to track revenue
  • Displays revenue health metrics in a persistent location on every screen
  • Allows you to either glance at each metric or dive deep to understand what’s impacting your revenue, make strategic decisions on the spot, and leave no revenue on the table.

While the Sticky Header gives you crisp highlights of where your revenue is right now, you may sometimes want to dive deeper. This is where Voiro’s interactive Dashboard comes in handy.

The Dashboard is a ready reckoner that shows you the health of the entire business and allows you to interact with each metric.

Here’s What You Can See And Do On The Voiro Dashboard

Voiro’s Dashboard is informative as well as interactive. Here you can preview key revenue metrics from all your ad revenue sources — both direct and indirect. You can also change date ranges and dive deep to explore each metric one level deeper, and customise and generate downloadable reports.

How Does Voiro Get All The Data?

Voiro gathers all revenue-related data from more than seven different systems and lets you interact with this data and make strategic decisions.

Three Reasons Why Media Organisations Thrive With The Voiro Dashboard

  • Automates revenue data collection and visualisation to help you understand the state of revenue in real-time.
  • Lets users interact and modify parameters to make course corrections
  • The Voiro Dashboard always stays up-to-date and is just a click away

Click here to learn how Voiro can transform your entire ad sales workflow and help you push and manage ad campaigns, and never lose revenue.

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