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The Guardian shared a really well-captured visualisation of Air Traffic in April 2019 & April 2020, before Europe went into lockdown. What comes to mind is, how powerful data becomes when we are able to harness it and bend it to our will. Granted, travel may never be the same after 2020, but that is not the focus of my thoughts. Since none of us can take a holiday for a while, the best thing is to travel virtually and that is how I came upon the Guardian post as well as a striking similarity between air travel (sigh, no vacay) and advertising in a digital era.

The digital advertising industry is as dynamic and logistically complex as the airline industry. In a world where an army of people and systems are needed to get passengers successfully to their destinations, there is an equal amount of action to ensure safe passage and delivery of an ad from creator to consumer.

This journey from content creation to consumption can take on so many different paths – right from storyboarding and conceptualising an ad (or branded content) to licensing, aggregating, acquiring, distributing, and ultimately consuming and paying for a view OR have advertisers bring in revenue and serve content for free. It boggles my mind how similar these two industries are. When systems break down, contingency plans are already set to make sure that flights take off. The ecosystem works 24/7, 365 days a year, relentlessly focussed on customer delight.

At Voiro, our workflow is akin to the airline world. Inventory is ephemeral and revenue is a living, breathing entity. Every moment that ads are not being set up to be viewed (by the right audience, at the right time) results in a loss of revenue.

  • Ad campaigns (or content) are flights that have to take off to be monetised.
  • Each ad unit is a seat that generates revenue.
  • The audience is the passenger – always at the center of focus.

Our revenue management suite has dynamic workflows for ad-led publishers to secure revenue and campaigns (to be booked and delivered) at optimum levels. Since trust is paramount to customers, advertisers, and brands, we mitigate the risk of human error and enable revenue growth. Voiro automates this complex process to ensure that your ad strategy gets you top dollar with every impression viewed.

So let’s not stress over that cancelled vacation but take a trip to our dream destination through the scores of virtual travel portals that help us escape the confines of our mind!

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